A passion for water

For home use

Ameauré is het the perfect water for every family that values quality and cares about the environment.

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    We purify your present source of water

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    Enhance the quality and taste to perfection

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    Install an extra faucet or 3 way faucet

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    Premium water for drinking and cooking.

The system

The systems is enclosed under your counter. It takes the cold tapwater en runs it through different stages of filtration. It enhances the smell & taste and extremely improves the overall quality by reducing the chemicals and bacteria but leaving the minerals.

Extra faucet

Your present faucet remains. It still gives cold and hot tapwater, which is useful for cleaning. Your extra faucet will give you purified water for drinking and cooking.

All-in faucet

Our all-in faucets gives cold - hot tapwater and purified water through a full seperate pathway. You can choose from different models and finishes.

Perfect taste

It' an amazing fact that the taste of water can vary almost as much as the taste of wine. Water isn't just a number of H2O moleculs, it also contains minerals and other compounds. Calcium and magnesium, iron and chlorine can influence the taste in a negative way. Curiously, if you filter your water the wrong way, let's say you demineralize it, it's completely tasteless and acidic. That's why Ameauré only purifies on certain compounds that are known for their harmful consequences.

Coffee & tea

Coffee and tea are 99% water. So, it's easy to understand that the quality and taste of these products are dependant on the quality of your water.


The quality - and foremost hardness - of the water has a bad influence for cooking vegetables. It enforces the structure of the cellular membrane so the structure will be undesirable. Our system inhibits this process.

Excellent quality

With a purification system by Ameauré, the chemicals now present in your water will be removed.


Tested in independant laboratories

Every system is fully tested in certified laboratory.


Reducing chemicals

It reduces the present chamicals - THM's, endocrine disruptors, chlorine.



A lot of filters on the market pose a risk of growing bacteria inside. Filters by Ameauré are protected for these bacteria.



Our purification leaves the minerals that are necessary for our body and health.

Imagine, no more hauling with bottles of water

Stop hauling and buying bottles of water is good for your back and the environment.


Carrying bottles of water belongs definitely in the past.


More than 100 million sea animals per year are dying because we utilize plastic.


By purifying your water, you don't create plastic waste.

How to order and maintain


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    Please fill in our contactform with your details.

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    We'll contact you regadering the right options.

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    We'll send you your product and faucet.

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    We can advice and contact installers in your region.

A purification system by Ameauré is a gorgeous and healthy addition to your kitchen.


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